Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beach It!

My friend Bob, introduced me to  Beak's Old Florida, a beach bar-esq place on Central Avenue. The walls and tables are covered with enough beachy knick-knacks to keep a feather duster busy for months. The menu is diverse and very well prepared. From the sandwich menu, I selected the Center Stage Beached Nude, a char grilled fillet of Mahi-Mahi. What made this grilled fish sandwich swim above any other "just your ordinary beach/sports bar grilled fish sandwich" was the toasted multi-grain artisan bread, and the grilled tomato slices. The side of basil mayo was a nice addition. All in all a nice treat and a fun place. And it was great being out and about again after a week of limited activity.

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Piglet's Buddy said...

Always a pleasure to be your companion on excursions in gorgeous and amazing downtown St. Pete.

The Mysterious Bob=person