Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not all Sunshine in St. Petersburg

It has been a while since my last post, and while I want this blog to have a positive bent, life isn't always that way. And since this blog is about my life I must tell you a little story. 

A few weeks ago, I learned that I had a little "friend" (and that term is used very loosely) who had been tagging along with me where ever I went. I never realized the true intent of this "friend" and when I did, I had to get rid of him. His name was Mel A. Noma, and as of last Friday, he is no longer a part of my life. 

As many of my family and friends already know, I had a melanoma and a few lymph nodes removed on Friday by the great doctors and staff at Moffitt Cancer Center. So, Mel is gone and I am recovering from the surgery and a skin graft. I have my post-op appointment tomorrow (Wednesday) where I will get the pathology results. I expect good news and that I can close this chapter.

I will not dwell on this experience except to encourage everyone to monitor their skin and if you find an unwanted "friend" get the medical attention as soon as possible.

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