Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bravo! Russian Cantina

It was a very busy weekend, it was. The title of the post is not a single item/event, but representative of three, count them, three separate happenings. In order they are:
1. Saturday: Dinner at Yummy Momma, a fairly new Russian restaurant on 4th Ave N. A very strange name it is. The results were mixed; forgettable Georgian (as in Eastern Europe Georgia), just OK Russian Beet Salad; and very good Beef Stroganoff for me, Chicken Kiev for Frank. We will return, but we are not "Russian" back.
2. Saturday: The Merry Widow: Bravo to the Saint Petersburg Opera Company (Florida that is; who knew we had an opera company here) for a fine production of The Merry Widow. While not The Met, it offered a fun evening with good singing and good music. I am looking forward to their next production in June.
3. Sunday: The Red Mesa Cantina opened their doors a week ago, and as I was flaneuring about town this afternoon, I stopped in for lunch. I had a glass of sangria (OK but not up to Ceviche's standards), a duck and goat cheese soft taco, a fried shrimp soft taco, and a Mexican Chocolate brownie, with Chipotle Chocolate gelato and strawberries soaked in Patron. The small tacos are priced between 3:50 - 4:00 each, with two or three making a nice portion. The menu is a inventive take on standard Mexican and Southwestern fare. My tacos were very tasty and the dessert was yummy and enough to share, but I ate the whole thing. Full entrees run $10 - $18. I will return to continue my testing of their menu. 

That is my 2 cents !

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