Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wow, another year has passed and so quickly it seems. I had some great travels in 2008; to Las Vegas, then to Italy, and finally to Santa Fe. I sold the bungalow on Suwanee and moved to downtown St. Petersburg, which has been a wonderful change for me. I have found new restaurants and dined at many old favorites. While the economy has tanked, I am still employed and able to enjoy life with my two lovely feline friends, Paolo and Lucia.  I have a great network of friends and family, whose friendship and support I truly appreciate. My best friend, Frank, and I have enjoyed food, concerts, travel, and just sharing good times together throughout the year. We ended the year at "First Night" in downtown St. Petersburg attending ragtime piano, opera, jazz, and harp performances. We stopped for a glass of wine and a snack at L'Olivier (a cute little French creperie), and toasted the new year with fireworks over Tampa Bay. 
In the new year, I hope to see an improved economy for everyone and I am looking forward to the new Obama administration. From a personal perspective, while I have some medical issue to face, I am looking forward to a continuation of my enjoyment of life. I plan on celebrating my approaching 65th birthday (OMG, say it isn't so), with a trip with Frank to Buenos Aires, Argentina; a new experience for me. My wish for all of you is a healthy and happy 2009.

Douglas Pagels


Paul said...

Buenos Aires, Argentina, huh? How exciting! Your audience will want to learn more.

Piglet's Buddy said...

Almost exactly 7 years ago we met for the first time, and you became my friend and one of the bright spots in my life. Thank you for being a part of making this area the paradise for me that I constantly say it is.
65?? Surely not.

Dick said...

To Paul: Stay tuned, BA plans are still in the works.

Bob (aka Piglet's Buddy: Thank you for the very kind words. Your friendship is important to me. And yes... 65 it will be. But who is counting.