Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Broken Plates and Napkins on the Floor

OPA !. After a brief stop at IKEA this evening, Frank and I headed to Beaune's Wine Bar in Ybor City, only to find it is not open on Wednesday. (Think Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only). Frank had been there a couple of weeks ago and determined it was worth a return visit. With no Plan B, we drove down 7th Avenue, past the historic Columbia Restaurant, watching for an interesting spot for dinner. We saw Acropolis Taverna, which had received good reviews in the press. We parked, and went into this nice space with a duo playing Greek music on a mandolin and keyboard - nice touch it was, and good music too.

Acropolis was a pleasant surprise. The menu was in Greek and English (fortunately for us). We both had fish dishes which were very tasty and well prepared. Each was served with orzo and grilled vegetables. We lucked into a 2 for 1 happy hour, so we each had two glasses of Vin di Crete white wine. For dessert we found the shared baklava to be one of the best we have eaten. Usually baklava can be overly sweet, and how can it not be sweet with all the honey; but this version was not too sweet, and had a nice touch of cinnamon to offset some of the sweetness. Acropolis is definitely worth a return visit.

As we were sipping our wine and waiting for our entrees, the duo started palying the theme from Zorba; some of the wait staff formed a Greek dance line; and a staff member went through the restaurant tossing paper napkins into the air, which landed on customers, tables, and ultimately the floor. At one point he returned with a stack of small dishes and proceeded to break them in time to the music. Good fun, I say.


That's all I'm saying.

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Paul said...

Opa, indeed! It sounds like a lot of fun!