Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Update

Gym Report: I am still going to the gym three days a week. My personal trainer sessions are going to once a week instead of two, not that I feel more comfortable on the various machines. I went this morning, and spent some time on the elliptical and then some weight machine work. For me, that is an accomplishment.
Food, Glorious Food, Part 1: I hosted the occasional meeting of the Book Club on Friday evening. My book pick was Julia Child's "My Life in France" which was the basis for part of the movie "Julie and Julia". I did not attempt to cook from her "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", but prepared Baked Tilapia with calamata olives, grape tomatoes, oregano, and feta cheese; smashed Yukon gold potatoes (Franks contribution), and Oven Roasted Mixed Vegetables. We had a nice evening and a good discussion.
Food, Glorious Food, Part 2: Paul and Libby (see the link in My Blog List for Paul and Libby's World of Travel) invited Frank and me to their home for a lovely dinner last evening. We started the evening with a selection of appetizers; including my favorite (difficult choice) of crostini, with fig preserves, ricotta cheese and prosciutto and a very nice rose wine which they purchased in Malta during their Mediterranean cruise earlier this year. Dinner was a very tasty beef and pork lasagna paired nicely with a Seghesio Zinfandel. For dessert Paul prepared an espresso panna cotta served appropriately in coffee mugs with a dollop of whipped cream and shaved chocolate. The presentation was only exceeded by the tastiness of the panna cotta. Everything was perfect... thanks Paul and Libby.
From the Medical desk: I have another CAT scan scheduled for September 1, so stay tuned for the results. I am expecting another tumor-free report.

That's all I'm saying.
Well almost all as I must acknowledge (after a year of using it) that I stole the closing line from one of my favorite St. Petersburg Times columnists, Ernest Hooper.

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Paul said...

Now, if I could only just stop throwing salad dressing around... :-)

It was great seeing you guys, as always!