Monday, August 24, 2009


Yes it is hot in Saint Petersburg, FL, as in very warm temperatures. But, today, I re-started my volunteer efforts with a trip to the Ronald McDonald House in St. Pete. So why is that HOT, you ask? Because I volunteer through an organization called HandsOn Tampa (got it now?...). It is a great organization as you can pick and choose where and when you volunteer. Tonight, four of us prepared Shepherds Pie and a mixed salad for the residents of RMH. It was good fun, and nice to feel I was helping others again.


racewalker said...

Good on you! Did you sample any of the Shepards Pie?

Dick said...

No, unfortunately I did not. It looked and smelled good, but the house was full, and it is more important that the residents have first shot at the food. Interesting fact - two of the four volunteers are vegetarians, including the Project Coordinator, who selected the menu.

Paul said...

That's interesting... I'd considered making a Shepherd's Pie for this weekend. I was starting to move away from it... but maybe this is a "sign"? :-)