Friday, August 7, 2009

Where is my gym bag?

I know where it is, but I couldn't think of a clever title for this post about my gym experience. First, I do not, let me repeat, do not, like the gym culture. But I am in great need of the benefits of exercise. And I need the motivation to exercise. (This coming from a person who completed thirteen marathons and numerous 10K and 15K runs, but many years ago) Don't expect me to turn into Mr. Muscular, but I do hope to improve my overall fitness.

With those disclaimers out of the way, I completed my second personal trainer guided workout. Maggie, my young, and perky PT, has been very kind to this aging body. But she still puts me through a good hour-long workout and I feel like I have put some real effort into the time spent at the gym. You know, increased heart rate, minor burn in the muscles, etc. It is a tired but satisfied feeling, knowing that I am doing something good for my self.

That's all I'm Saying !


Liz said...

Hey Simpson, glad you finally got your sorry ass back into the gym! I remember when you were a serious runner! Keep up the good work!

Dick said...

Thanks, my dear friend. I too remember those days. OMG.