Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yep, down to six days before departure. And I cannot wait. But there are things to be done before I can go. The packing list is ready, the to-do list is being checked off as the excitement builds. Wow, Buenos Aires, who would have thunk it! We are both practicing our Spanish, but I must say a little Italian slips in occasionally. We are looking forward to enjoying the life of the big city, eating Argentinian beef, a glass or two of Malbec, and watching the tango (No, not me on that dance floor). We have also planned a day trip to Uruguay, a one-hour fast boat ride from BA. So, I can check off two new countries on this trip. This will be my first trip south of the Equator, how cool is that! Well, yes it will be cool, since it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. But BA weather is expected to be pleasant, between mid to low 40s and mid 60s (Fahrenheit that is). 
I will make occasional post to this blog and hopefully include a photo or two along the way. 

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Piglet's Buddy said...

and now 4. I can imagine how great this is going to be for you.