Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Eso Es Todo

The journey has ended. We had a wonderful time, in case you couldn't tell from the earlier posts. So it is time for some final thoughts on Buenos Aires.

1. Buenos Aires is made up of many very distinct neighborhoods, each with their own vibe. You cannot understand the city without understanding the neighborhoods. We probably only touched the surface, but we managed to visit the major barrios spending time walking the streets, visiting the parks, seeing the sights, and stopping in local cafes for a sampling of the culture of each area.
2. The Porteños were very friendly and gracious. The only negative experience we had was the attempted pick-pockets on the Subte (Subway). The Porteños we encountered in the service industry were exceptional, especially in the restaurants, where the servers are professionals and they take a lot of pride in what they do.
3. If you like good food and wine, this is the place. For the carnivores out there, in my opinion, the beef is superior to ours. And the prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the food/wine, and the level of service. The Malbec wines we had were softer than many we have enjoyed here. We also enjoyed a Bonardo, which we only learned about at the Argentine wine dinner at Toasted Pheasant the week before we departed. While Argentina is know for their reds, they also make a very nice Sauvignon Blanc.
4. Many of the sidewalks need to be repaired, but who cares; we were south of the Equator having a great time. Although as Frank pointed out, a personal injury lawyer would do very well there.
5. The Porteños dress comfortably, but stylishly. And, surprising to us, there seemed to be an equal number of nice mens clothing stores are there were womens.
6. Tango is everywhere !

So it is time to say, "Adios Buenos Aires": Eso Es Todo (That is all)


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Paul said...

As always, I loved following the journey (even if it did make me hungry from time to time). :-)

Glad you had a great time.

So, where's next for your intrepid flaneuring?

Back to Europe or ...???