Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Country

Here we are, at the Buqueus terminal waiting on our return rapido boat back to Buenos Areas. Colonia is a World Heritage site, from the Portugese colonial period. It is a quaint town with a number of small museums. Colonia is worth at most three hours for the historic section. We had about six hours available due to the boat schedule and the understanding that Uruguay was in a different time zone. Not so, as we learned. We managed to use up 1.5 hours having a nice lunch at Lobo. I had a very good ravioli filled with bacon, leeks, and ricotta in a tomato sauce. Frank had tarrigon chicken also in a tomato sauce , which was also good.
We enjoyed our day, and the weather continues to be very nice, although more cloud cover today.
So, we added a second country south of the Equator. Very cool,. i say



Anonymous said...

YOur south of the equator experience sounds wonderful. You are missing extreme heat in Florida so get ready for it!

Dick said...

We are having a wonderful time. It is really hard to explain it all in a few posts.

Anonymous said...

If the ravioli leeks, then they didn't put it together well.

?Who could have written such a thing?

Happy Birthday!

Dick said...

Ah, Glen, oops, I mean Mr. Anonymous, you are so right. Thanks for checking in and offering your insight. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Thanks for the good wishes