Monday, June 22, 2009

Adios Buenos Aires

The time has come to return home. We are waiting at the hotel for the car to the airport. I have a short amount of time to wrap up this very enjoyable trip. I may have some closing thoughts later in the week, but for now a recap of last night and today.

Tango Argentino: We went to one of the many tango shows in town. Our first choice was closed for the month, so option #2 it was - El Querandi. The food was better than expected as, in general, the tango shows are not known for their food. While not Cabana las Lilas, it was good, and my steak was nice and tender. The highlight was the show, with a small four piece band putting out an enormous amount to Tango music, and a group of dancers and singers who were great to watch. The show exceeded our expectations.

Today, our last day, and a long one, since our flight to Miami doesn´t leave until 10:40PM tonight, was our shopping day and a last chance to walk the streets. We stopped at two of the historic cafes in town, Cafe Tortoni and Richmond. Cafe Tortoni is the more elaborate of the two. We finished our shopping day at the wine store across from the hotel picking up a couple bottles to bring home. OOPS, we just realized this means we have to check our luggage, not what we wanted to do, but it is either that or leave the wine in BA.

Bags are packed, and we are ready for the next (return) leg of the journey. The trip has been wonderful and even more than I expected. The PorteƱos were very friendly, the food was great, the hotel was a good choice, and we loved waling the neighborhoods of this fine city.

Adios Buenos Aires... Chau for now.

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