Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dos Flaneurs

Whew, what a day. We had a great day, but it is late and we have an early wake-up call for the fast boat to Colonia, UR. So, this may be brief, well, as brief as I can be, which ususally isn´t very brief. See, I am rambling on already. Let´s get to the important details of the day.
We added three more barrios to our Buenos Aires experience: Barrio Norte, Recoleta, and Retiro. We took the subte to Recoleta and walked to the Recoleta Cemetery to pay our respects to Evita Peron. There are a number of living creatures sharing the cemetery with Evita; some 30 or more very cute and relatively friendly cats. A group of women stop in twice a day to feed them and to provide any needed medical assistance. Cute, I say.
From there we walked, walked and walked some more, as we explored this very upscale barrio. We stopped at the Floralis Generica (see earlier photograph), and walked down Avenida Alvear, with all of the usual collection of high end shops, including Cartier, Hermes, Zegna, and more.
Many of the buildings in this area remind one of Paris, including the lovely French Embassy.
After a cafe lunch of steak, ham and cheese on flatbread similar to a pita, we headed out for more walking.
We really enjoyed the sites of the city. We stopped at a cafe for coffee mid-afternoon, then walked some more, ending up for our usual late afternoon rest at the hotel.
Dinner tonight was at the Hotel Intercontinental. We both had grilled Patagonian lamb chops with grilled sweet potato (white sweet potato). We then shared a cheese cake with figs for dessert. The meal was very good, the lamb was excellent, with a great grilled flavor. The service was excellent, which has become our expectation after many experiences in everything from small cafes to first rate restaurants. The Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) are friendly and helpful. We stand out as Americans, once we try our limited Spanish, but it is never a problem communicating even when the Porteño doesn´t speak English - somehow we work it out.
Today we covered a lot of territory, mostly on foot, but that is what a Flaneur does. It is great fun, and a great experience.
Tomorrow, another country, just for the day, then back to BA; so stay tuned.
That´s all I´m saying!

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