Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday in Buenos Aires

The streets were much quieter today, especially in the business district, with most businesses and many stores closed. After breakfast at the hotel we headed to Plaza de Mayo for a few more photographs, and another view of Casa Rosada. We then headed to San Telmo´s Plaza Dorrego for the Sunday open air market. Actually the market starts just south of Plaza de Mayo and runs ten or more blocks to Plaza Dorrego. Most of the vendors are selling a variety of clothing and knick-knacks; a linear flea market of sorts. The plaza is filled with antique dealers (San Telmo is filled with antique stores) and some local artists. It was fun just wandering down the street with the locals. No purchases were made (by us).

Next stop, lunch; food is never far away. We dined at another lovely restaurant in Puerto Madero called Sorrento. The complementary glass of champagne and basket of breads was followed by our Caprese salad which had wonderfully soft, creamy mozzarella; yummy. I ordered a trout stuffed with crab and served in a saffron cream sauce. Frank ordered a local fish, corvina, in a tomato and onion sauce. Both were very good. The one down side I have noticed about the local cusine is that they frequently overcook the vegetables, as my broccoli was today.

Tonight is dinner and a tango show... details later.

Unfortunately tonight is our last night in Buenos Aires. But we must return to our homes and start paying for the trip. (grin)

Adios for now

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