Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Packing

I don't know why packing is so stressful for me. Maybe it is because I try to pack light and I agonize over what to leave out. Or is it the last major accomplishment before leaving on a long anticipated journey. Whatever packing is, it is almost done. That is a good feeling. I have accomplished my goal of one carry-on, and a small messenger bag. My biggest dilemma has been which camera to take, and whether or not to take my Netbook. I can update my blog from my smartphone or from a hotel computer, so it seems like an unnecessary addition. My decision on the camera is to take both, the small point and shoot, AND the DSLR. Oh, the angst of travel. ;-)
Frank mentioned, and I agree, that packing for cool weather travel is actually easier, although a little bulkier.
25 hours from now, we will be on the flight from Tampa to Miami; and after a few hour layover, on the long (8.5 hour) flight to Buenos Aires.
So, finish packing, get some rest, a full day at the office, then it is on to BA. Let the travel begin !

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