Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Broccolino Ristoranti

Yes, Pat, we ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant tonight, Broccolino. Remember, 50% of the population is of Italian heritage. So it is only appropriate that we give it a try. Broccolino did not disappoint. I had fusilli with pesto crema; Frank had ravoli in a tomato cream sauce. Both were very good. We started with a shared baked eggplant - cooked perfectly and very tasty. The waiter spoke perfect English, and when we mentioned how good his English was, he responded, ¨Jersey¨ with a Jersey accent. He live in NJ for eight years before returning to Buenos Aires.
Last night was Argentinian beef, lunch today was Spanish, and dinner tonight was Italian. It might be French tomorrow.
That´s all I´m saying.

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