Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BA Day One

It is 21:00 hours in Buenos Aires (9PM) and I am at the hotel´s FREE Internet terminal. It has been a long 24 hours, and I cannot get use to a different keyboard layout, but I will try. In brief:

1. The Late Flight 1716: 25 hours ago we were sitting at TIA waiting on a delayed departure to Miami. We finally boarded 1.5 hours late, but had no trouble making our connection to Buenos Aires.
2. Two Masked Men de-plane in Buenos Aires: Well actually the entire plane had to wear masks as we de-planed and were routed past a guy in a white lab jacket to make sure we were not arriving with flu-like symptoms. It was a cursory review and if we could walk and did not appear on the verge of death, we were allowed to enter the country.
3. NH Jousten Hotel: We arrive at our hotel, which is in the business district. We unpacked, and headed out to walk the streets (a little flaneuring). The city is VERY crowded, and the sidewalks were packed with people. We had a nice lunch at a corner cafe near Plaza de Mayo. We both had the ¨white¨ salmon (yep, white, the meat was white, not the usual pinkish color) special which was good but not great. It was an opportunity to refuel and head out for more wandering.
4. Have I mentioned the keyboard?. The other issue is the spell check is in Spanish, so forgive me for any typos.
5. Don´t Cry for Me Argentina: We saw the Casa Rosada from which Eva Peron made her speaches to the masses on the Plaza de Mayo. I could hear Madonna singing in the background. (OK; that´s a lie, but you knew that)
5, Dinner tonight was at La Chacra, a typical Argentinian Parillo, or steakhouse. The Argentinians are primo grill masters. We each had a tenderloin, but we selected different sauces. The steaks were great, although, it did not beat out our steaks in Prague which is still #1 in our experience. The sides were a non-event. My mixed vegetables were overcooked and boring. The wine, on the other hand was supurb - a Luigi Bosca Malbec.
6. Funny item: Almost every drugstore advertises as being open 25 hours (that is not a typo). Now if we could just figure out how they get an extra hour out of each day, we would have more time to enjoy the city.
7. Initial impressions: The area we surveyed today was very busy, and primarily a business district. The city is a little gritty, but not unsafe. Much of the architecture reminds us of Europe, and I feel like we are in a European city. More exploring is on tap for tomorrow.
That´s all I´m saying

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Paul said...

Sounds like a good first day.

We're looking forward to following the rest of your adventures!